President Lukashenko: Belarus won't fight against anyone if not touched


President Lukashenko: Belarus won't fight against anyone if not touched

After the West 2017 drills journalists asked Alexander Lukashenko, why the heads of state watched the exercises at different sites.

Vladimir Putin did not come to Belarus and decided to inspect the West 2017 exercises on the territory of Russia. He had visited a training ground in the Leningrad region. The President started the answer with a joke.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Well, if a shell strikes into one place? Two will die. We agreed that, since the main phase of the drills is really here, but very large-scale exercises were just held in the Leningrad region too, the Russian President will supervise and will observe the exercises in the north, and I will be in the center. I am grateful to our and Russian military that they gave me the main phase to monitor, namely the central area. Ind in general, we earlier planned to attend the drills together, but of course decided that after all we have a broader scope of these drills, people need to see the presidents, where they work, how they work. That was our plan.

In addition, answering the question of a German journalist, the Belarus President once again stressed that after the exercises the Russian military will immediately leave the territory of Belarus and one should not fear their presence in Belarus. In just a week, this question will disappear by itself.

Alexander Lukashenko:
These guarantees were given a lot of times before these drills. I do not understand your definition - "so many Russian troops". Everything is relative. We had even more Russian troops. But if we are the aggressor, you should be afraid of us, once again I emphasize, with the 75,000-strong army. Well what is 4,000, even if they remained? We did not have such a plan. Therefore tell your friends to calm down, since you represent them or just ask a question. Tell them: let them live in peace. We will not fight against anyone else if we are not touched. This guarantee is the biggest. A week later, the question will not stand any longer. I do not know, often I think what Ukrainians will say in a week? Those who alleged that the Russian army will remain and attack them from the north. What will they say in a week? So you do not worry - we are not an aggressive state. We suffered enough during WWII. And you, too. Even though you fought against us. You, Germans, also drank enough of this grief. Therefore, you do not want to fight, I think. We especially don't. We have just restored the pre-war level of the population. Do we want these wars? No. Our land has never been a source of war. We only suffered from those wars.

So as the President, the first President of an independent, sovereign country, I want our people to understand that we have means to protect our families, children, wives and so on. I want normal human security, to which all states strive. Don't expect attacks from us, either in Germany or Poland or in the Baltic countries. Especially in our brotherly Ukraine. Ukraine is a Slavic state, this is our country, our brothers live there. How can we fight against them?

In general, the President praised the results of the exercises. The tasks were fully implemented.

Alexander Lukashenko:
All elements of the exercise were worked out. I think that we will sum up in more detail later but in general we achieved what we want. What have we shown? Of course, it is better to demonstrate than to fight. We did not hide this demonstration, we showed the ability of our armed forces, Russia and Belarus, of our joint groups to defend our alliance and interests of our states.

It was really a demonstration of our capabilities, it could not be otherwise.

Now I cannot tell you about any shortcomings of the drills. It was at a very high level. These drills were not like Potemkin Villages. These were absolutely applied exercises - as it would be in a real situation (God forbid it happens though).

The main phase of the exercise was held in Belarus at six training sites and two other areas. At the same time Belarus worked out not only the maneuvers by the regular army, but also the territorial defense.