How Belarusian builders conquer European market

How Belarusian builders conquer European market

To build a house with a window to Europe: Brestzhilstroi enterprises keep on entering new foreign markets.

Brest builders are already building a house in Gdansk. A special branch was opened for this purpose in Poland.

The Belarusian building giant is going to stay at the Baltic coastline for long. That’s why Belarusians are working on getting a European certificate.

A contour of a new modern neighborhood of prefabricated houses is appearing step by step in the south-eastern part of Brest. The builders of Brestzhilstroi will build here more than 20 high-rise blocks.

This new neighborhood is already called one of the gifts on the occasion of 1000th anniversary of Brest.

The power of the building giant allows building one house of this type just in seven months. The company produces windows, doors and architectural coating. Finished apartments with such energy efficient panels require much less money for heating.

Alexander Romanyuk, general manager of Commercial Unitary Enterprise Brestzhilstroi:
Today we also work in Minsk region. People want to buy houses we build. I guess it confirms that we are on the right path. 

Brestzhilstroi won the award of the Best Building Product of 2017 among other new and the most important products.

Now the company is focused on the question of entering the international arena.

Eduard Kononchuk, constructability manager of Commercial Unitary Enterprise Brestzhilstroi:
We run trials in a new modern laboratory according to European norms. It will allow us to enter new markets, especially the European Union market, and to build modern beautiful houses there.

Alexander Romanyuk:
Today we need to think about the model of a house we should construct in future. We made market research and found our direction. We’re focusing on Lithuania and Sweden. It’s time to build warm houses.

Being ahead of the curve and dipping into the future of construction industry is not easy, but there’s no other way. That’s why the head of Brestzhilstroi doesn’t see the measures of company’s development. It means that the diploma for being the best construction product of the year is not the last in the collection of awards.

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