President Lukashenko: We are not going to attack anyone


President Lukashenko: We are not going to attack anyone

The journalists were interested why the heads of two states observed the military drills from different platforms.

Vladimir Putin inspected the drills on the territory of Russia. He visited the range in the Leningrad region.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
What if a missile falls onto one place? As many as two people will be gone in one go. We agreed that due to the fact that the main stage of the drills is held on the territory of Belarus (nevertheless, large drills were carried out on the territory of the Leningrad region), that the President of Russia will control and observe the drills in the north, and I will be in the center. I am grateful to Belarusian and Russian soldiers that they entrusted me the main stage of the military exercises in the center. Anyway, we before had planned to be present at the drills and we had agreed that we need to embrace the drills more widely, so that people see the two Presidents, where they work and how they work. This is the main idea here.

What is more, when answering the question of a German journalist, Alexander Lukashenko once again emphasized that the Russian army will leave Belarus straight after the military drills end and there is no need to be worried.

Alexander Lukashenko:
These guarantees have been given many times before, before these drills. Your definition “so many troops”- I don’t understand it. Everything is relative. W did not have less of Russian troops. If we are such aggressors, it is you who should be afraid of us, I once again emphasize, with an army of 75 thousand soldiers. What is four thousand, even if they stayed? Therefore, you friends should calm down, if you are imagining things or just asking questions. Tell them to live in peace. We won’t be fighting against those, who won’t touch us. This is the biggest of the guarantees. In a week’s time this question will become irrelevant. I don’t know, I often think: as Ukrainians said: “The troops will stay, they will attack us from the north and so on and so forth”. What will they be saying in a week’s time? Therefore, you shouldn’t feel worried-Belarus is not an aggressive state. We have suffered from war a lot. You have as well. Though you fought against us. You have also supped sorrow- the Germans did. Therefore, I think, you do not want to be at war. We do not want it all the more. We have just rebuilt the pre-war level of the population, which died in the last war. Do we want these wars? No, we don’t. Belarus never initiated wars. We only suffered from these wars.

Being the President, the first President of an independent, sovereign country, I want our people to understand, that if we are attacked, we have with what to protect families, children, wives and so on with. I want simple humane security, towards which all the states are striving. Do not wait for an attack from us- neither in Germany, nor in Poland, the Baltic States and definitely not in Ukraine. However, it is a Slavic state, it is our country, and our brothers live there. How can we fight against them?