Alexander Lukashenko sets tasks for military industry in Belarus


Alexander Lukashenko sets tasks for military industry in Belarus

Belarus will continue deep modernization of armament, but at the same time new samples of machinery will be developed.

On September 20, Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the tasks for the defense industry complex, when talking to the journalists at the end of the West 2017 military drills.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
It is not necessary to buy expensive tanks as T-80, 90 today; some of them may cost millions. Therefore, it is not necessary. What if modernize the existing military equipment? Steel is steel. However, the filling of this steel – that’s another thing. T72, B3, as they call them here, are very good tanks. Belarusian and Russian tank men have told me about it just now. Therefore, deep modernization of the existing armament. We can do it: aircrafts, armored vehicles, light weapons. We learned how to do it. Of course, the newest rocket armament “Polonez”, armored vehicles, which we were showing today. There won’t be a war front on front. There will be local battles. There was a big battle. There will be smaller battles. We need movable military units for defense, and the most modern high-precision weapons as “Polonez”. We are working in this direction very seriously. I do not want to reveal these details, but we are truly working.

We have reached quite a lot in drones’ development. Today it is impossible to be at war without drones. We create combat drones; it is not possible without them. It is one thing to watch, and another thing is combat drones. I will reveal all the other secrets later. Therefore, we are certainly working in this direction. The main thing is not to lose those schools we have left over from the Soviet Union, we have preserved these plants, and we need them today.

A wonderful machine, just behind my back. Kosmos! Through our satellite we connect with any point, which is controlled by the troops. It is the most modern machine today. Russians have highly estimated it. This communication machine is a super machine. Modern, the most modern one. We have learnt to do everything connected with communications, combat vehicles, flying machines. We will be developing this range, but not only because we need to equip the army. The demand on such modernization works, deep modernization, and creation of new machinery is very high in the world. The things we can do, we do not only produce them for ourselves, and we successfully sell them at the international markets.