Alexander Lukashenko estimates results of West 2017 military drills


Alexander Lukashenko estimates results of West 2017 military drills

The drills have been conducted at a high level. The President and the Commander in Chief of the Republic of Belarus has estimated the results of the strategic military drills “West 2017”.

The inspection of military compliance and the power of arms of the Union State Army finished on September 20 at the Borisovsky range. Traditionally, the military exercises are held once every two years in each of the countries in turns. As many as six ranges and two locations were the on the territory of Belarus were the main places of the West 2017 military exercises.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The drills have also allowed to test the foundation documents in practice, to determine further ways of cooperation within the interests of the Armed Forces development and strengthening of the defense capability of Belarus and Russia.

Dear friends! Every higher officer, general has something personal in these military drills- I have something personal as well. When I was a young lieutenant, I had to partake in these drills. I am comparing those exercises with the current ones. The skills and the level have improved immensely. You are completely different soldiers and officers, but we have the same aims-to protect the independence of our states, protect our national interests and simply protect our families.

At the end of the drills, the Commander in Chief encouraged the distinguished soldiers and officers. As many as 50 Belarusian and Russian military men received words of gratitude and watches from the hands of Alexander Lukashenko. The Defense Minister presented the legendary TT gun to Alexander Lukashenko. In this way the continuity of glorious traditions of the Great Patriotic War soldiers with the success of the Belarusian soldiers at the military maneuvers were emphasized.