Over 100 works by Napoleon Orda exhibited at National Art Museum

Over 100 works by Napoleon Orda exhibited at National Art Museum

A kind of encyclopedia of Belarus is made up of drawings and watercolor of the master of landscape architecture of the XIX century.

The heritage of Orda was brought from Krakow (today it houses more than 1,000 works by the artist).

Andrzej Betlej, director of the Krakow National Museum:
A collection of works by Napoleon Orda is, in fact, the architecture chronicle of the lands of Rzeczpospolita and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. This is our common history. Therefore, these specific works have come here so that people see the sights of the eastern part of Rzeczpospolita,

which are the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Belarusian lands, Lithuanian, present-day Podlaskie Voivodeship.

Sergei Vecher, Deputy General Director of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus:
Now that it is time to "gather stones" and many of the objects are restored, our experts turn to lithographs by Napoleon Orda. Thus we can imagine what the architecture of those days look like in Belarus.

Thanks to the works of Napoleon Orda we can restore them or imagine what they looked like.

Such a number of original works by Orda is being presented for the first time. The exhibition in the National Art Museum is open until the beginning of December 2017.