How Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs restores forgotten hits

How Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs restores forgotten hits

People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus Nadezhda Mikulich became a guest of the show Morning. Studio of Good Mood and shared her impressions about CTV’s project the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs.  The singer explained why she chose the song Zorachka to perform at this concert. She also shared her opinion on whether it’s better to perform old songs in an old manner or to make new arrangements and to practice new ways of performing.

You took part in the concert of the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs and sang Zorachka. Why did you choose this song?

Nadezhda Mikulich, People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus, singer, composer:
When I wrote this song, I worked in Philarmonia with People’s Standup Comedian Anna Ryzhkova. She knew Belarusian poetry very well. She showed me this poem and suggested to write music for these lines. She asked about it every day and I finally gave in and composed a piece of music. At that time there were some TV series, something like Just Mary or about Isaura, and in these soap operas two guys love the same girl, just like in the poem. When I was singing on stage, I always imagined Mary and a scene from this film. And I always smiled!

When I was invited to participate in the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs on the Day of Belarusian Written Language, I remembered that I had this song with the lyrics by Evdokia Los. I’ve got this song recorded on the radio and accompanied by guitar. I asked Dima Penkrat to make a beautiful arrangement of this song. It was given a new life.

As for the project the Golden Collection of Belarusian Songs. What do you think, what makes it especially charming?

Nadezhda Mikulich:
The fact that only one generation knows these songs. They have already had their days and were somewhat forgotten. The purpose of this project is to refresh people’s memory of our old songs and to show them to the young generation. I’m talking about it and get goosebumps. The songs are really beautiful but people forgot about them.

Is there any feedback from young folks?

Nadezhda Mikulich :

We wish you to get more old songs in new arrangements because songs need second life.

Nadezhda Mikulich:
I want to thank the project the Golden Collection because I am celebrating 45th anniversary of performing on stage on January 19, 2018. So there will be a double anniversary. Thanks to this project I renewed my repertory and it seems like I have new songs. Because they sound brand new. Thank you, the Golden Collection, for my new repertory