Belarus will be first to defend Belarus-Russia Union State in case of conflict at western borders, Belarus President says


Belarus will be first to defend Belarus-Russia Union State in case of conflict at western borders, Belarus President says

Joint military activities of Belarus and Russia serve exclusively to protect national interests, stated President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during the review of troops of Belarus and Russia participating in the West-2017 exercise.

Today, September 20, the Commander-in-Chief of Belarus observed one of the main episodes of a large-scale military training at Combined-Arms Range Borisovsky No. 227.

The active phase of maneuvers has come to an end. The scope of today's scenes really impressed. The simulated enemy attacked the coalition of Belarusian and Russian servicemen. Operation from the air was supported by aviation. The terrorists also faced with landing troops. Bad weather was an additional test. The operation ended in a complete defeat of the 'enemy'.

During the tactical drills, the latest examples of Belarusian military equipment were demonstrated.

The final phase of the active phase of the exercises was observed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. At the observation deck, he assessed the level of interaction achieved between the parties involved. The servicemen have a high level of training and successfully fulfilled the assigned tasks.

Alexander Lukashenko was also informed about the development of the military-political situation in the European region. He also inspected a mobile command post.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The military very correctly assessed. I watched the observations. I do not know who needed to discredit these drills and so on. I often think: you could at least learn how to discredit things for real. But what did the 5,000 Russian troops deployed in Belarus to partake in these maneuvers change? What would they change?

75,000 is the Belarusian army. And if we need to solve some problems, we will solve them. In the event of some kind of clash in the western direction, the Belarusian army will be the first to protect the interests of Russia and Belarus.

After some time, according to the plan, parts of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are instantly deployed here. 

The attempt to discredit the drills was, frankly speaking, extremely unprofessional. 

Let's wait what they will say after all the Armed Forces - those of the Russian Federation and our Armed Forces - return to places of their permanent stationing.