Alexander Lukashenko on Zapad 2017: Goals achieved


Alexander Lukashenko on Zapad 2017: Goals achieved

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko watched one of the main episodes of a large-scale military training at combined-arms range Borisovsky No 227 within the framework of the West-2017 exercise.

Belarusian-Russian exercises are planned, but they cannot be called ordinary.

The drills on land, in water and in the air involved nearly 13,000 servicemen, 40 aircraft and helicopters, 370 combat vehicles, including 140 tanks and 10 ships.

Maneuvers were held at nine training ranges at once in Belarus and Russia. By the way, six of them are located on the territory of Belarus. The exercise "West" is held for the third time, and this year, according to the scenario, the main task of the military is to prevent terrorist acts and the actions of extremist groups to destabilize the situation. As a result of the maneuver Alexander Lukashenko answered the journalists' questions. The head of state once again stressed that the exercises had achieved their goal, and that the drills were defensive in nature.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The goals that were set before these drills have been achieved. We have fully implemented all the tasks, we have solved our tasks, which we faced. The main phase of the exercises is the Belarusian exercises: 6 training grounds and two other territories were involved. We have out the actions not only of the Armed Forces of the army which are permanently deployed in Belarus and exist, but also a system of territorial defense, since it must operate in a threatening and dangerous period. You saw all this, you know perfectly well. In this regard, I want to thank all the journalists who brilliantly worked on these exercises: both during their preparation and during the period of the exercise, especially such key events as today. Therefore, I must say directly that the goals set in broad terms before the exercises were achieved - not only at the Belarusian training grounds, but also in Russia, in the west of our union - in the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions. We 'fought' in Ashuluk, and we worked out our plans in other places. And our Armed Forces were involved there, the machinery that cannot operate here. We have worked on all the elements of the drills.

The exercise "West-2017" is already called the most open in the region. The events were observed by numerous guests. Among them are representatives of influential international organizations - UN, OSCE, NATO, CIS, CSTO, representatives of the military diplomatic corps of states accredited to the embassies of Belarus.

In particular, among those invited were military observers from Belarus' neighbors: Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland. Moreover, observers from Estonia, Sweden and Norway were present.

Almost 300 accredited journalists covered the maneuvers.