Belarus Championship. Dorozhnik (Minsk) – BCH (Gomel)


Belarus Championship. Dorozhnik (Minsk) – BCH (Gomel)

Country's cup winner and supercup winner Dorozhnik (Minsk) played home match with BCH (Gomel) in the last game of the 3rd round of the Belarus FIFA Futsal championship. Anton Kovalchuk tells what came out of it in our story.

Footbal night was a success. But we talk not about soccer, but about FIFA Futsal. It was not just a match, but a real battle on the floor. Both teams haven't shown their best start in the national championship. However, in contrast to sportsmen from Minsk, the team from Gomel is not worth to be blamed on this matter. Recently, in fans' joy, BCH (Gomel) became World champions among the railwaymen!

In the beginning of the game, the score was opened by the hosts, but sportsmen from Gomel managed to recoup during the first 20 minutes of the match. During the game, the ball again and again hit the crossbar, making fans clutch their heads. In the second half, the teams managed to upset each other again. The final score was 2:2.

Valeriy Dos'ko - Head coach of Dorozhnik (Minsk):
Dorozhnik (Minsk) earned only one point and hasn't much improved its standings. The railwaymen surprisingly played not worse than the opponents and rightly took a draw from Minsk. Dozens of blocked attacks and team/individual fouls - the struggle was uncompromising.

Maxim Lysenko – Goalkipper of Dorozhnik (Minsk):
It's pleasant that there were a lot of young and older fans in the arena. The atmosphere of the match and audience interest encouraged well the players from both teams.The struggle in the national championship is heating up with each round. And this is only the beginning.