Bruzgi logistics center now uses transit-free technology of cargo registration

Bruzgi logistics center now uses transit-free technology of cargo registration

The logistics center in Bruzgi was the first in Belarus to apply the transitless technology of cargo registration. The experiment at the international border crossing point has proved successful.

This simplified system reduces the waiting time by five times. And due to the fact that the center is directly adjacent to the checkpoint, queues from trucks do not accumulate on the border - a separate channel has been created for them. The cargo can be stored in the warehouse until the carrier takes it out. More than 700 vehicles have already used the new technology since the beginning of 2017. 43 companies have signed agreements with the center.

Andrei Kovalchuk, Head of the Grodno Regional Customs:
This technology is in demand because business entities and managers ask us very actively to include them in this process, because this is profitable and faster.

The use of transitless technology will be about 400-500 vehicles... We expect this number in Bruzgi. This is quite a serious figure, we cover the freight flow. Our Polish colleagues are still dreaming about this.  

In the near future, reconstruction of the Bruzgi checkpoint is expected. Channels for entry and exit will be expanded to eight, the video surveillance system will be updated, and customs officers will begin to apply automatic weighing technologies.

Other international corridors of the region will remain unchanged: they are planned to become fully into energy-independent, so that no weather conditions or accidents on the transmission lines interfere with their operation.