Repelling air strikes practiced September 19 at Domanovsky training ground


Repelling air strikes practiced September 19 at Domanovsky training ground

Interaction in the defense and counter-attack was worked out by Belarusian and Russian military at the Osipovichi training range. The joint strategic exercise "West-2017" continues.

September 19, the troops of the Belarus-Russia Union State had to work out another of the most important tactical episodes - repelling enemy air strikes. For this purpose, S-300 and Osa anti-aircraft missile systems (the best examples of anti-aircraft equipment) were used at the Domanovsky site.

At the Domanovsky test site, aviators are working to liquidate the enemy. A few minutes, and the first attempt is repelled. A mixed air defense unit is fighting against low-flying targets. The peculiarity is that the enemy constantly changes the ways of attack, and we, defending ourselves, change points of dislocation.

Andrei Gurtsevich, Deputy Commander of the Air Force and the Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
Involved is the mixed unit of one S-300 anti-aircraft missile battalion and the Osa air defense missile battery, in cooperation with the units of the military anti-aircraft defence. In total, about 150 people and 45 units of military and special equipment are at the site at the moment.

The work is coordinated, and only seconds pass from the moment of obtaining coordinates to destroying the enemy.

14 foreign experts from seven countries are monitoring the joint actions. The specialists noted that the Belarusian and Russian troops are very well-coordinated and professional.

Kaupo Kiis, military expert (Estonia):
These are ordinary drills. Everyone can have such exercises, and Estonia is no exception. They worked professionally.

Both aviators and the ground forces coped with their tasks.