First ever gastrofest takes place in Brest


First ever gastrofest takes place in Brest

Three weeks, 20 eateries and a hundred dishes for every taste. A gastronomic festival has started in Brest. Every day in the city you can try out any of the offered sets and then vote for the most delicious. The price of competitive dishes is single, so all establishments are on equal terms.

Gastronomic discoveries are at every step. Chef Leonid Stepkin came to the festival fully armed - tar-tar from tomatoes and mozzarella, bulgur with porcini mushrooms, and pumpkin cheesecake - a real joy even for gourmets.

Leonid Stepkin, the chef:
We have Italian cuisine. We decided to mix our Belarusian tomatoes, which are very fragrant this year, with Italian sun-dried tomatoes. It turned out to be a good combination.

Incredibly appetizing, the first gastronomic festival in the region immediately found its admirers.

Piotr Burtim, STV:
For example, this is a mixture of Italian and Belarusian cuisine. All dishes are exclusive and prepared for the first time, specifically for the festival. Although it is possible that some of these dishes will appear in the regular menu. It all depends on the feedback from visitors.

Ivan Grinin, chef:
We burn sawdust and cover it under a glass. Steak in this interpretation is especially tasty. When a person removes the glass they smell the smoke of a fire, as if they are somewhere in the country.

A dozen national cuisines - from Uzbek to French. Both Brest residents and tourists seem to love the initiative.

Andrey Semenov, tourist (Russia):
I fully support this. It's very tasty. Nice! Originally prepared.

Ivan Grinin:
This is the meaning of the gastronomic festival - to push us to new ideas. They allow you to create those dishes that did not even see the light.