Belarus President: We must not lose control in economy

Belarus President: We must not lose control in economy

The Belarus President supported the proposal to grant agroecotourism farms rights to provide additional services.

On September 19, the head of state reviewed draft decrees aimed at improving handicraft activities and developing agroecotourism in Belarus. In addition, it is proposed to increase the role of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship in the regulation of economic relations.

These and other documents are included in the package of bills prepared on behalf of the President on the emancipation of business initiative. Alexander Lukashenko stressed: business will be given more freedom, but the balance in terms of responsibility for violations should be observed.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We actually remove all the barriers, even those that are widely accepted in the world. Not barriers, but tough requirements. We are lifting them. On the other hand, I demanded this, there must be the most severe responsibility of businessmen, managers of companies for the result, for what is happening in their companies. If people die at your enterprise, please go to jail. How else? Here is your freedom and responsibility. No. By the way, businessmen (I have already met and talked with many of them) absolutely correctly understand this. Moreover, many warn me: "Look, do not weaken control over us." I say: "You are businessmen, after all! How can you say that?" As I said, if you do not want to lose control in the economy and, literally, say, create a mess in the country, there must be some control. I am against excessive control. We must leave the control functions that the state needs.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
In accordance with your instructions, the Ministry of Economy has worked out all the draft decrees and the decree on business development which will be further submitted to you. And today, we present for your consideration three decrees of the President on improving handicraft activities, on agroecotourism and on the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship.

On September 19, the President also considered the initiative of the National Center of Legislation to ensure a balance in imposing penalties on enterprises or entrepreneurs. The essence of the document is to exclude all cases when the imposed fines are not commensurate with the economic damage caused.