Bestsellers and innovations of Belarusian motorcycle industry

Bestsellers and innovations of Belarusian motorcycle industry

One of the most popular transports in India is rickshaws. There are cycle-rickshaw and even motor-rickshaws. However, two-wheeled vehicles are very popular among Belarusians as well. So there is no doubt that Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Plant has all chances to compete in producing of, as they are called in India, "tempos" with Bajaj company, the producer of rickshaws in India.

To go fishing and mushrooming like a real biker is both driving and exciting!

With great pleasure biker Sergei is driving through the country roads at the dacha on an unusual motorcycle. He is skillfully riding one of the most popular models of the Minsk motorcycle industry fine-tuned by himself.

Sergey Yakushenko, a motorcyclist:
The first thing I did was the trunk. It is really convenient to carry something in it. And this thing is for fishing rods. I made the trunk on the tank. I also add air intake on the cylinder for better cooling.

The motorist did not add horsepower to the engine. But his iron horse has already become an exclusive dragon, which the owner cherishes and adores so much.Sergey also has “Izh”, “Yava” and “Dnepr” motorcycles in the garage. But the owner believes that “Minsk” is unconditional leader of post-Soviet motogeography.

Sergey Yakushenko:
Our motorcycles are easier to maintain, they do not need some kind of intensive service. They are an ideal option for rural areas.

Looking at Vitaliy, another fan of motorcycles, we literally went… back to the past.The owner of “Minsk” even wears old-fashioned helmet, also called “shell”.

By the way, by the time of space conquest, “Minsk” motorcycle has gained favour from Brest to Vladivostok.

They say the demand on the model was so high that the factory produced one motorcycle per minute.

Vitaly Gapanovich, a collector, the organizer of The Wheel of Time international festival of old motorcycles:
This entire project is run by Minsk designers. We got rid of such an expensive detail as battery. You don’t need a battery to start this bike.

Despite the age, 61, the motorcycle works perfectly with a half-turn.Today people from Kazakhstan to the Baltic ride Minsk motorcycles. There are even some bestsellers. However, the design is constantly undergoing upgrades for more comfort and reliability. Producers take into consideration feedback received from buyers. This year another model for off-road riding was launched. There are as classic motorcycles for a comfortable ride around the city as racing and especially hardy enduro class for motocross in the line. There is hardly a second plant in the world that combines the production of motorcycles and bicycles. The range of products is really wide. Everyone does their utmost to stay in line with competitors, trying to take the best from the world brands, preserving the Belarusian quality.

Vyacheslav Gritskevich, an employee of the production division of OOO Motorcycle and Bicycle Plant:
I also ride a Belarusian bicycle. I find them to be reliable and of good quality.

However, two-wheeled transport is not the only one in the range of goods produced by the plant. Now they’re studying the demand for ATVs. There is also a model designed for emergency workers.Despite the ATV is not big, there is a rescue arsenal for all sorts of emergency situations inside it, such as first-aid kit, lighting mast, gasoline cutter, chemical protection suits and even a hydraulic station.

Roman Beletsky, commander of the Fire and Rescue Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Republican Special Forces Unit:
Its advantage is in its efficiency. It is compact. And if you know where the thing you need lies, the process of rendering assistance takes the shortest time.

On September 16th the motor season in Minsk was closed in a big way. Our Belarusian “Minsks” were also noticed among American bikes. And, perhaps, it does not make difference what brand you prefer. The main thing is to feel the drive from riding on your favorite motorcycle.

The love for two-wheelers knows no age and boundaries.