Curious facts about Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas

Curious facts about Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas

All Belarusians know well from school that the father of Yakub Kolas, a famous Belarusian writer, was a forester. That is why, since childhood, picking of berries and mushrooms was a real pleasure for Kolas.

Looking at pine trees the writer dreamed of having the same ones in front of his own house.

Eventually, his dreams came true. These magnificent trees are still growing at the same place that used to inspire Yakub Kolas years ago. Among the pines we can also find apple trees. The classic himself planted the gentle trees near his house in Minsk.

Yakub Kolas knew pretty well how to harvest not only apples, but also other crops.

However, a good harvest needs some place to be stored. As a really good landowner, Kolas had a tiny cellar not far from his house. Located under the ground, it was really suitable for storing fruit, vegetables and various pickles. Even many years later the temperature there is never higher than 10°C.

Another passion of the writer was making sauerkraut.

He even had his own recipe, which has been preserved in the cellar as well. Yakub Kolas was born in an ordinary family, and therefore he used to eat simple food that he was really fond of. It could be potatoes, onion, pickled cucumbers. Fat meat and other homemade dishes from meat were kept in a special cool room. When guests came to Kolas, he often treated them to homemade drinks. The recipes of Yakub Kolas and the tradition of making alcoholic drinks have been carefully preserved by his son, Mikhail Mitskevich.

As we all can see, Yakub Kolas was not only an outstanding writer but also a great, hardworking landowner.

Surrounded by the beauty he made himself, the writer was so inspired to create all his touching, spectacular and thought-provoking works of art.