Coming back to Belarusian national cuisine

Coming back to Belarusian national cuisine

My dear land, you are my soul,

There is no power in the whole

world, that’s strong enough

To tear us apart…

You are forever in my heart!

There is no doubt that every Belarusian knows these words by heart. However, let’s try to look at them from some new and maybe unusual point.

Just imagine early Sunday morning in a Belarusian village…

The memories from childhood for me like a fresh gust…

When mother was cooking sweet pancakes for breakfast,

Surrounded by children. While waiting for pancakes

They’re laughing; they’re singing and watching how mom bakes.

There was a bowl of dough on the table, from where

So sweet and delicious smell was in the air.

Our mom with a ladle in her hardworking hand

Was stirring the dough so skillfully, and

From the bowl, one by one, like if they could fly,

Yet not ready pancakes got right into the fire!


And then right in front of the children amazed

Sunday pancakes appeared so yellow and raised.


When mother eventually put them on the table

The children were happy, and they were not able

To wait any more, so they helped their mummy.

To lay Sunday table for them was so funny!

A little of onion, pepper and beans

A few pieces of fat meat… As far as the drinks

Are concerned, it was kvass.

The breakfast was simple, but it meant so much

For those little children!

Because, all they need

Is home, friendly family and sweet pancakes to eat!

Can you already feel the smell of those delicious Sunday pancakes? If you can, then it’s high time for you to start cooking. By the way, don’t be upset if you’ve forgotten the recipe! These are the traditional recipes of Belarusian cuisine, carefully collected by scientists. Let’s start with pancakes.

Buckwheat Pancakes

You need:

0.6 liters of milk

40 grams of yeast

1.5 tablespoons of sugar

2 cups of buckwheat flour

2 eggs




Take half a glass (100ml) of milk and put 40 grams of powdered yeast and a spoon and a half of sugar, add a spoon of buckwheat flour and put it aside.

Meanwhile, heat a pint of milk (about 70 degrees Celsius), mixed with two cups of buckwheat flour, cool the mixture down, add the eggs and salt and mix well, do not forget to add the yeast.

Heat a pan, add some fat and pour one finger-width of dough into the pan. Bake the pancakes on both sides. Before eating, you can pour hot pancakes with melted butter.

Pancakes are ready.


It’s high time to cook something really exciting. It will be “Verashchaka”. The name is bewildering, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, “Verashchaka” is a liquid flour souse with meat. It was often cooked at the time of Christmas.

Panskaya Vereshchaka

You will need:

Fat meat


Smoked ribs

2 tablespoons of flour


Crumble fat meat and fry it together with the slices of sausages. Heat some water and boil smoked ribs in it, and then add ribs with the water they boiled in to the mixture of fried fat meat and sausages. Mix two tablespoons of flour with a little water, add the mixture to the meat, stir and boil.

You can add a bay leaf, pepper and other seasonings.

When looking for a dessert recipe, let’s turn to one old Belarusian holiday, according to the tradition of which everyone was cooking delicious, plump buns. It is obvious that Belarusians began preparations for the holiday in advance. A variety of dishes had to be prepared the day before, so as not to cook during the holidays. So here it is, traditional Belarusian Babka.

Babka dessert (to eat with coffee)

You will need:

10 eggs

1 cup of sour cream

Half a cup of yeast

1 cup of oil

1 cup of sugar

Lemon peel or almonds

1 glass of wine



Break 10 eggs, add a cup of cream, half a cup of yeast, a glass of oil and sugar, a little well-crushed lemon peel or bitter almonds, a glass of wine and enough flour to make the dough thick.

Mix it for a half an hour, and then pour the mixture into a dish for baking, smeared with oil, and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Hold the dish in a warm place, and when the dough rises, put it into the oven.


Of course, in modern apartments people have ovens instead of an old furnace. But maybe it is a good reason to visit your grandmother in the village

to remember who we are and where we are from ...