First results of West 2017 military drills


First results of West 2017 military drills

Belarusian and Russian soldiers have reached a high level of cooperation during West 2017 military drills. This statement was made by the General Staff of the Armed Forces on September 18, 2017.

The military drills have reached the highest point of practical activity.

Defensive battles are carried out on six military ranges in Belarus. Meanwhile, at the range near Mins-its location is kept secret-united commanding of the regional force grouping is perfecting methods of armed forces control.

This is the heart of the drills. Communications, reconnaissance and air defense control points have been established here. The system of communication with the military personnel is multilevel. It allows providing constant control over the armies.

High-ranking military officers of the Armed Forces of Belarus are carrying out the commanding.

It is necessary to add that the controlling point changes its dislocation depending on the tasks. At the beginning of West 2017 military drills it was in a different place.

Pavel Muraveiko, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces - Chief of the Main Operations Directorate:
The drills have a completely applied and practical nature. Despite the fact that it is too early to draw up the results, there is one important result already – it is the reached cooperation level between the military units of the Belarusian and Russian armed forces. Belarusian and Russian officers are quick at understanding one another and together they solve the assigned problems.

A psychological aid station has been set up here.

Military specialists train commanders to act in stressful situations. The mobile information center fulfills its tasks as well. The machine receives satellite, analogue and digital signals, by broadcasting them on the monitor. It helps the soldiers to keep up with the events.

Stanislav Valyaev, head of the information center of the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus:
The mobile information center is a Belarusian development meant for collecting, processing and spreading information in the field. It is very important, because quite often soldiers and officers in the fields do not get fresh information at the range, about what is currently going on at the neighboring location.

The mobile information center can also work on off-line battery supply.

In this case the machine will need charging up only in 100 hours’ time.