New data center in Minsk expected to bring $2 million in profit soon

New data center in Minsk expected to bring $2 million in profit soon

The largest data center in Belarus was opened in Minsk. This high-tech platform is designed for hosting servers of various companies and renting virtual resources.

The complex occupies an area comparable to five football fields. Its network boasts a record speed - 1 terabit per second.

Experts argue that the launch of the complex will help create an internal cloud market, export services abroad and reduce the state's expenses for the development of the IT sector.

Dmitry Shedko, First Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus:
The existence of such an infrastructure is a very important condition for the development of so-called big data. What is big data? This is when you collect information about a variety of processes, and when each separate element of information does not give you much. But once you collect a lot of objects, you get unique opportunities.

Having processed this information, we get new economic spheres of activity, a new effect, a new practical and financial result.

Today Belarus is one of the European leaders in the field of high technologies.

Belarus has taken radical measures to develop IT industry, the head of state has repeatedly said. The opening of a new data center is part of this global strategy. In Belarus, this is the second such facility. It is planned that the complex will bring a minimum of 2 million dollars in profit in the first years of work.

Helmut Duhs, CEO of Velcom:
Belarus has a huge potential in the development of information and communication technologies, so it was here that the data center was built, thanks to which Velcom entered the IT services market. This complex provides an opportunity for private or state companies to concentrate their equipment here, it makes no sense to invest in the development of their own infrastructure. We are ready to offer not only a high level of services, but also low prices for hosting and renting servers.

Data centers are created to provide customers with information services - it is the storage and processing of large amounts of information.