Belarus-Russia West 2017 drills begin: Picture of the World's review of first days


Belarus-Russia West 2017 drills begin: Picture of the World's review of first days

Another incident on Friday morning in the London Underground. A bucket exploded and people got burned. The police are investigating this deeming this is a terrorist attack.

The history of mankind can be called the history of self-destruction. It was counted 15,000 wars were unleashed on Earth in the foreseeable past. The first known war, by the way, burst out 5,500 years ago in the territory of present-day Syria, where people are dying today... "If you want peace, prepare for war," Romans said. Nothing has changed since then. These days the Belarusian army demonstrates the ability to defend the Motherland together with the Russian armed forces. The fight against terrorism is also being worked out. The military exercises West 2017 are now in full swing. Yevgeny Pustovoi reports.

The Belarusian army continues to take new heights, after the "Slavic Brotherhood" with Russians and Serbs and the "Combat Commonwealth" together with CSTO countries in the sky over Ashaluk training ground.

The saboteurs and bandit formations are history and the troops of the Belarus-Russia Union State are performing fighting reconnaissance, the aviation is putting pressure on the enemy. These tactical drawings are the final picture of only the first part of the allied drills. In the second - the Northern (ours) promised to give it hot to Westerners. Combined-arms battles are still ahead, but the smoke from under the trees is already seen. It turns out this is hidden machinery.

It is difficult to find Belarusian troops in the forest, however, some tried to bombard Belarus with information attacks ahead of the drills. To no avail. As they say, someone can barks as long as they want but the caravan still goes on. The Belarusian troops took their positions. In military style, the commander-in-chief announced his position briefly and specifically on the eve of the exercise.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Enough to justify yourself. You say our drills are defensive in nature and so on. There is an army, there is a joint armed grouping in the western direction of Belarus and Russia. And if it exists, we did not hide it from anyone: we will teach it to fight. Just in case.

No sooner said than done. In the coming days, the Belarus head of state as commander-in-chief himself will check the readiness of our Armed Forces. The army for the country is the guarantor of sovereignty, the drills for the army is the guarantee of combat capability. Given the heightened and constant interest in our region as a theater of possible hostilities, we are forced to consider different scenarios.

Oleg Belokonev, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces - First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Republic of Belarus:
Management points are deployed, the management system is created and functions in full. The troops perform tasks to search, block and destroy the saboteurs and reconnaissance group of illegal armed formations in the depths of Belarus.

Nothing secret. The General Staff took the world-accepted scenario.

This is how the world map looks now. The word "peace" here does not suit well. 40 conflicts. And they all began in a very similar way. According to the script as if printed with the same hands. Undermining the authority, increasing discontent of marginal political groups, stirring up chaos and the geopolitical party is complete, the country can now be divided. It will not work with Belarus.

Do Belarusians want war? You don't have to ask this. The Minsk peace is for the South-East of Ukraine, the revival of Helsinki is for the whole of Europe. Eighty experts have been invited to see how Belarusian forces can defend their country. From Ukraine to the USA. From NATO to the Red Cross. Belarus has nothing to hide. This is the exercise for peace in the region.

Stefano Bianchi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Italian Republic to the Republic of Belarus:
We trust all the actions of the Belarusian authorities and appreciate the level of transparency and professionalism. We are provided with all the necessary information and even beyond what we expected.

Merike Kokajev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Estonia to the Republic of Belarus:
I believe that this is a regular exercise. I do not think there will be any danger. I'm sure.

Wolfgang Sender, Program Director for Belarus of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany):
Belarus is open and ready to cooperate, you invited observers, provided transparency.

Aggressive winds are not blowing from the Belarusian side. Our drills, like the foreign policy of Minsk, are peaceful. We are practicing the elimination of terrorists, neutralization of separatists and defense of our borders.

Not only the regular troops are partaking in the drills. In Glubokoye, hundreds of men have come to the defense of their own district. Their chevrons depict the coat of arms of their district center. Territorial defense is when the entire nation becomes an army.

Black sharks from Russia were greeted with bread and salt. About three thousand Russian forces are taking part in the exercises. But the main role is played by Belarusians. It is namely Belarus that is the forefront of the strategic exercises West-2017.

Six training grounds and two more locations are involved in the drills. Paratroopers neutralize saboteurs and terrorists, artillerymen and aviation destroy the personnel of the conventional enemy, and the tanks go on the offensive.

Yevgeny Pustovoi, political commentator:
War is a war, but the picture of the world is on schedule. This is a Belarusian development - a mobile information center. Even in the woods, the paratroopers can keep abreast of the latest news.

The servicemen quench informational hunger after a hearty dinner. Some servicemen joke that: no matter how well we mask - the simulated enemy will detect their location by smell.

All are equal at the kitchen table. Both soldiers and officers eat from one boiler.

The country and the whole world watch the actions of the Belarusian army online. The building of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry has become a real Mecca for 'media hajj' of journalists from dozens of countries.

Dmitry Mironchik, Belarusian Foreign Ministry spokesman:
An unprecedented number of requests from foreign media. We have received about 270 accreditation requests.

Yevgeny Pustovoi:
"West-2017" is going into the active phase. Even the weather is testing the strength of the Belarusian military. The main goal of the exercises is defensive, which is why the work of on-duty services is checked permanently. Saboteurs are very active not only at night, but also during the day.

Conditional saboteurs were eventually caught. They fell into the arms of the 'hospitable' guard from Brest.