Karel Pilny on how Minsk should change to boost tourism

Karel Pilny on how Minsk should change to boost tourism

In the new episode of the TV program What’s Going on? on RTR-Belarus European Athletics Vice-President Karel Pilny explains why people don’t celebrate City Day in Prague and why Minsk needs more restaurants.

Minsk City Day and the tourism potential of the city were discussed in a recent episode of a talk-show What’s Going On? on the TV channel RTR-Belarus.

European Athletics Vice-President Karel Pilny came to the show as a guest. He spoke on different topics. This is how he explained why people in Prague don’t celebrate city day like we do it in Minsk:
You’re heading in the right direction and do it very fast. Three or four years ago nobody would pay for taking part in a marathon. Maybe people would pay only about 1 ruble (about $0,52) for it. Now people pay 20-30-40 rubles. If you come to see Swan Lake in Prague, you’ll see 24 swans and pay €100 for it. Here I saw 36 swans.
Why don’t we celebrate Prague City Day? It’s because there are so many tourists, that the city is overcrowded and our citizens simply don’t want new tourists to come.

What should be changed in Minsk according to foreigners? Mr. Pilny thinks there’s a lack of restaurants in Minsk. He shared his thoughts on this issue:
“This is what I want to recommend. Here, in Minsk, everything is new, everything is developing and you need something else. You need enough number of good restaurants. Not beer and other alcohol, just good food, good toilets. You do need it. If you have enough, there will be more tourists,” Pilny noted.

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