Plans of Belarusian-Indian cooperation outlined


Plans of Belarusian-Indian cooperation outlined

Despite the fact that India has one of the largest armies in the world, and India is the first importer of arms, Belarus may cooperate with this country in many sectors. Machine building, wood processing, petrochemistry, production of medications.

During Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to New Delhi, the list of joint project grew, just as the population of India, where a new person is born every second. In the nearest future India will be determining the future of the planet- this was stated by the President of Belarus during the meeting.

Honored guests in India are given a flower wreath to put over the neck; a red dot is painted onto the forehead as a symbol of happiness. Alexander Lukashenko was greeted in India this week at the largest residence of the President of this country.

President Lukashenko held negotiations with the President of India Ram Nath Kovind. He has been in office since July 2017. His election was a celebration for 200 million of the untouchable-the lowest caste in India.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I am sure that Belarus will find its place in this huge, prosperous and prospective country.

India is a country of contrasts. Local wise men say that it is possible to fall in love with India and accept it from the third time. The current official visit of President Lukashenko, as it happened to be, is the third one. It is interesting that that President Lukashenko has been visiting India every ten years. There is time to think over, estimate and see one of the most fast-growing economies in the world.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I am truly pleased to be in this wonderful country. I sincerely think that India is a prospective country, which already in the near future, in our time, will determine the future of the planet. As for our relations, I would like the Foreign Ministries of India and Belarus to become the true driving force of the development of our relations.

India is striving to become one of the leading economies in the world; there are specific solutions for this and state programs. Belarusian experience, knowledge and technologies may help to realize them.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Despite the fact that we are not such a huge country as India we will be able to make our worthy contribution to the development of those programs that you are scheduled to implement today. And indeed, time has come when we should already speak the language of specific contracts, not just about the directions of economic development. We have determined the directions, we have determined the philosophy of our relations.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is a true reformer and strategist. He is a unique personality. His aim is to get rid of poverty; his dream is for every house in India to have a toilet and a shower.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the Republic of India:
The companies of Belarus and India must develop relations and go outside the framework of ordinary export-import operations into the direction of cooperation development and establishment of deeper mutual activities. There are great prospects for business and investments in such sectors as pharmaceutics, oil and gas, heavy industry.

The current trade volume as a result of the year is about 400 million dollars. However, there are possibilities to make it one billion.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We see how Great India and the Idea of a Glorious New India unite in reality. And we would like India to become a powerful pole of our planet. The existence of great India is impossible without your attendance on the territory of Belarus: between the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union. Belarus is ready to render the most beneficial and easy terms of the functioning of India’s business if investing into Belarus. We have such experience with other countries. I also suggested to the Prime Minister of India to create a scientific-technological park in Belarus, where the most beneficial conditions for investing and where Indian companies will be able to establish their production lines and realize products and services on the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union and the EU.

A place for such a cluster can be a logistics park in the Orsha district. The Bolbasovo zone is a special economic area, good conditions for investors.

Vasily Dementei, director of “Bremino Group” LLC:
A range of meetings is planned on the territory of Belarus in the nearest time. India wants to enter the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union markets.

Manish Kumar, regional director of the Confederation of Indian Industry:
Indian companies know about the new law, which Russia is planning to implement on pharmaceutic products. The possibility to open a production line in Belarus will allow us to enter such a huge market automatically. It is very interesting for Indian companies.

India is interested in Belarus’ BelAZ, MTZ, MAZ and Gomselmash. Belarus offered India a line of MAZ trucks.

Ram Manohar Singh, director of SPB-MOTORS, official dealer of MAZ in India:
We first of all chose such companies as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo. We then realized that we have an offer which is better than foreign analogues. Such powerful machines would be good for us. Therefore we chose MAZ.

Belneftekhim and the Ministry of oil and natural gas of India have signed a memorandum on mutual understanding in New Delhi. Belarus and India have agreed to increase the supply of potash.

The Belarusian Potash Company has signed an important agreement. Several Contracts were signed in the education sector.

Belarusian specialists will be involved in building facilities in India. A strategic agreement with the National building corporation of India was signed by “Belzarubezhstroi”. They will now be working on the markets of third countries together with the participation of Belarusian engineering institutions, engineers and other specialists.

Vitaly Bondarik, general director of JSV “Belzarubezhstroi”:
We are discussing our participation in building an oncological center in Grodno. We are also discussing our participation in building the industrial park and possible new jot markets in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Qatar.

Pharmaceutics is the key of Indian economy. As many as three investment projects are being realized in Belarus today. Another three agreements have been signed. It will decrease the prime cost and the prices on the medications.

Olga Yurut:
If New Delhi is the heart of India, then Taj Mahal is the heart and soul of ancient India.

Taj Mahal is a palace of white marble. One of the grand monuments. It is the last present of Shah Jahan to his dead wife and is one of the most popular sights in the country, which is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Alexander Konkov, guide of Sansarafan travel agency (India):
If before Belarusians visited the seaside in India, today they are coming here to see the rich cultural heritage of the country and to conduct business as well.

From January 2018 Belarusian staff of hotels, guides, animators and even drivers will be trained how to correctly work with tourists from India: how they perceive information, what level of service they want.

Prashant Chaudhari, director of Salvia travel agency (India):
You have a very beautiful city, good hotels, many things to see. Indians have their own specificity: we need our own cuisine, we love shopping and we need night life.

Mutual tourism is national diplomacy and marketing as well. To sell Belarusian products to India. Here is an experiment. These are ordinary potatoes, brought to India from Belarus. We will tr to teach a chef to cook the traditional Belarusian dish “draniki” (potato pancakes).

Ashmet Singh Jolli, chef cook of a restaurant:
Draniki is an idea worth a million. The dish is easy to cook, it tastes wonderful, I will be treating my clients to draniki with pleasure.

Olga Yurut:
India attracted Europe even in the ancient times. Trade has always been active here. The discovery of India is important not only for the civilization, but for the bilateral relations with Belarus.