President Lukashenko congratulates freestyle wrestler Medved on 80th anniversary


President Lukashenko congratulates freestyle wrestler Medved on 80th anniversary

The famous freestyle wrestler Alexander Medved is 80! Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the sportsman on his 80th anniversary. Kind words in honor of the sport legend sounded in the Minsk Town Ratusha.

Alexander Medved is known as the “Soviet hero”. He won his first Olympics in Japan in 1964. Today Alexander Medved is known as the best sportsman of Belarus of the 20th century, the best freestyle wrestler in the history of sport. The sportsman became the first three time Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, he was the world champion seven times, and for times the champion of Europe, and won nine times at the main tournaments of the USSR. Today people say that Alexander Medved left sport undefeated. By the way, his son followed in his footsteps. Alexander Medved is not just a prominent sportsman, but a talented coach as well.

Alexander Medved, three times Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling:
Youth is wonderful in Belarus, I will be helping them. Wonderful girls. I regret that I did not take up coaching before, I was 75 then. Now I am 80. Many honored guests have come, from all the former Soviet republics, and Americans have come to congratulate me. Thank you to everyone.

Alexander Medved Freestyle Wrestling Grand Prix Championship has been coincided with the anniversary of the famous sportsman. Participants from more than 25 countries have come to participate, including from Russia, the USA, Iran and Ukraine-the motherland of the prominent wrestler. Altogether more than 200 athletes have arrived for the tournament.