First stage of West 2017 military drills comes to end


First stage of West 2017 military drills comes to end

The most impressive military exercise of the West 2017 drills were held at the range Losvido in the Vitebsk region on September 15, 2017. The soldiers stood against indicated enemy-diversionists. The soldiers of the 38th independent guards air assault brigade drilled the training exercises.

Maksim Slizh, CTV:
This road leads to the range Losvido. It seems that there are no security guards and the entrance is free. We are expecting diversionists.

Troopers from Brest are in the security. Aviators are working with them. Pilots have detected the enemy; their signal was the main orienting point. The task for today is to keep the territory of the range locked. Liquidation of the indicated enemy at the entrance and scouting.

The task for the group at the Losvido range is to repel a chemical attack. The team is beginning to work. The chemical attack will be repelled in in no time.

Alexander Sorokovik, head of radiation, chemical and biological protection service of the 38th independent guards air assault brigade:
In case of detecting some kind of poisoning substances or exceedance of radiation level, the signal “Radiation danger” or “Chemical alarm” is given in order to protect the military personnel.

Then the location will be inspected and new indications will be given.

Sergei Budnik, chief chemist-scout of the 38th independent guards air assault brigade:
In case of chemical alarm artillery strikes are possible, aerosols, unknown clouds, yellowing of location, we use protective suits and chemical detection equipment. After that affected area is detected, to which unauthorized persons are not admitted.

The united forces of Belarus and Russia are accomplishing state border security actions. Transfer of single-engine machinery and arms is taking place. The borders have been strengthened by the special forces soldiers. Territorial forces are in action as well. They are guarding important facilities and are closely monitoring those who are trying to unlock the Belarusian border. Aviation is on duty at midnight. The deployment of troops is continuing on the West 2017 ranges. Despite the fact the drills are held on the territory of two counties, the main military exercises begin to unfold in Belarus.

Maksim Slizh:
The active phase of the drills is ahead, However, according to the statistics, diversionists and their hiding places have been exterminated.