President Lukashenko’s ice hockey team celebrates 20th anniversary


President Lukashenko’s ice hockey team celebrates 20th anniversary

The ice hockey team of the President is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The first training session of the team was held in 1997. The members of the team went on an excursion around the Palace of Independence. Tis time the Palace opened its doors for famous ice hockey players who came to the place together with their wives. The famous green hall is the “witness” of the “Normandy Four” meeting, a hall for negotiations in a narrow circle and a place for economic issues.

The design and the furniture were done by Belarusian professionals. The guests were shown an improvised exposition dedicated to the anniversary of the ice hockey team. The brightest of the moments have been depicted on the photos. Many photos have been taken in the 20 years. Dozens of matches, hundreds of scored goals and thousands of fans.

Dmitry Baskov, goal-minder of the President’s ice hockey team:
When the first training sessions began, I was a young lad and played for HC “Yunost”. As many as 20 years have passed since then, nevertheless, I recollect those years with great pleasure. To be part of such a team is great pride and honor. We live through all our victories together, and we overcome our losses together as well.

Aleksei Titovets, rearguard of the President’s ice hockey team:
I remember my first match and it was an unforgettable impression. Every match today gives pleasant feelings and memories. It is pleasant to be part of history.

The matches the President’s team partakesin  gather thousands of fans of different ages. Thanks in part to the unique team composition. Veterans and youth, former professionals and amateurs. They are all united by the sport passion and a will=to-win spirit. They had successful friendly matches with the veterans of ice hockey from the USSR, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Austria. Not once had the team won gold at the Republican competitions among amateurs, and it won the Christmas Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament 10 times.