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Andrei Kobyakov visits free economic zone “Minsk”

The currency earnings of the plants in the free economic trade zone “Minsk” is to sum up to one billion dollars. The financial and economic indicators of the business-production platform were at the center of attention on September 15, 2017. Andrei Kobyakov got acquainted with the work of the science-intensive and high-tech residents of the free economic zone.

X-ray systems, which are used both at the border and in medicine, are produced here. Belarusian developments are exported to 70 countries. Including the USA and China. This equipment in Belarus can be seen in the airport, at customs and in the underground. Medical equipment can be found in hospitals and mobile complexes.

Andrei Kobyakov Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
As many as one billion dollars- the export of the plants in the free economic zone “Minsk” and one billion dollars is what we are going to have in the High-Tech Park. We estimate the success of the trade preferences which were provided for the companies, which register in the High-Tech Park and the free economic zone, and we see that the results are equitable.

The free economic zone “Minsk” is a big industrial park with modern plants. As many as 37 plants have been built there; new plants are constantly being built.

Andrei Kobyakov visits free economic zone “Minsk”