West 2017 drills: day one


West 2017 drills: day one

On September 14, the joint Belarusian-Russian strategic exercise "West-2017" began officially. In the course of maneuvers, the troops have to protect the interests of the Belarus-Russia Union State.

According to the legend it is necessary to destroy illegal armed groups. The operation takes place at six firing ranges of Belarus and three Russian ones. Thousands of servicemen will participate in the exercise and hundreds of units of equipment are involved. Numerous representatives of international organizations and the media are invited to observe the active phase of West-2017.

Alexei Volkov, STV:
At 09:00, the exercise "West-2017" started in these places, where the control center is located. In fact, this is the think tank of the maneuvers. In the morning the military checked the connection - everything is ready. And, of course, his whereabouts are strictly classified.

Communication is well established, the machinery is filled, and personnel are ready to carry out combat missions. Every minute counts - the General Staff of the Union State distribute the final instructions before the start.

Oleg Belokonev, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
Management points are deployed, the management system is created and functions in full. Now we are clarifying the tasks. The most active actions are currently underway at the Lepel testing range and the Losvido training ground, where the troops are performing the tasks of locating, blocking and destroying a simulated sabotage and reconnaissance group of illegal armed formations in the interior of Belarus.

The script of the exercises is designed to run until September 20. The operation will be carried out at six Belarusian training grounds - among them are the Borisov, Ruzhany and Osipovichi grounds. The strategic neighbor is working out the fight against extremists at three sites.

And yet the drills is not only a good opportunity to work out joint actions of time-tested soldiers and equipment. Here is, for example, the novelty of the Belarusian military industry - an unmanned helicopter. 90% of its filling comes from Belarus.

The UAV is equipped with small grenade launchers - the ideal size for supporting ground forces and destroying enemy positions that are disguised and inaccessible to large air vehicles (for example, in cities and buildings). Already today it is wandering around the staff as an observer.

Maxim Slizh, CTV:
My colleague observed what was happening at the headquarters of the "West-2017" exercise. I will tell you about what happened on September 14 in the Vitebsk region.

The saboteurs decided to capture all the training grounds. The method is simple: there is a goal - and we're waiting for coordinates. So far, not everyone understands that these exercises is a plan of defense, not an attack.

Dmitry Glinsky, deputy commander of separate mechanized brigade No19 of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
As a rule, the experience of combat operations in various countries, including our neighbors, shows that one of the effective methods is the action of personnel at a checkpoint on some road in a place where a large number of transport and civilians pass.

Saboteurs (a simulated enemy) is somewhere near. Special Operations Forces see units for liquidation at once.

 24 часа в сутки мы контролируем недопущение сил противника

Evgeny Molokhovsky, sniper of the 3rd motorized rifle company of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
We control that the enemy forces don't penetrate 24 hours a day.

This active phase of the drills is the first. The soldiers and machinery are ready.

Vyacheslav Misiyan, commander of 3rd platoon, 3rd motorized rifle company of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
The personnel of the platoon, the specific branch that was at the checkpoint, responded adequately to the aggression by illegal armed formations.

Tomorrow there will be another stage, more local episodes more and more scale ... in the West. There should not be any questions regarding whose border is secured. Defending the frontiers is a task that must be accomplished!

Maksim Slizh:
Those who count the days of the drills in Belarus with fear should know that West 2017 is only the training of interaction and poses no danger to anyone's borders.