Belarus President criticizes meteorologists' weather forecasts

Belarus President criticizes meteorologists' weather forecasts

Belarus' new Minister of Natural Resources - Andrey Khudyk - was appointed on September 14. The ministry has a huge amount of work ahead, from searching for minerals to improving the work of meteorologists.

On September 14 the Belarus President made a number of personnel decisions appointing a new minister, an ambassador and a number of district executive committee leaders.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
As for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. I want you to understand: the focus is on the words 'natural resources'. The former minister was given a very serious task on natural resources. What do we know about our country? We see what is on the surface, but what is underground? Therefore, your task is to figure out what's under the ground. And above all maybe we have something we really need today. You understand what I am talking about.

The second question is nature, the gift of God. We must preserve it and transfer it in the best condition to our children and grandchildren. These are your tasks that you need to implement and a number of others.

You have such a subdivision, the department of hydrometeorology. Forecasts are issued there and so on. Their forecasts are far from accurate sometimes. Better not forecast anything at all. More than 1000 people are involved! Take care of this structure. Learn how to work from our other department, small department in our army. I am talking about air defense. Quite a small structure and they never made a mistake. And when I read your information (I get it every day), I just want to dismiss this organization.

If you do not know how to work, contact the military already, learn from them.

So take it seriously, you know how to do it - in a simple way - bring order there and give a result on the resources and protection of our nature.

Of course, it is impossible to predict the weather with a hundred percent probability. However, the figure of 95% accuracy is a desired target. This is a new super task.

Andrei Khudyk, Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
Of course, we're not using all of the most advanced technologies in the world. But if applied, then we should, just like some countries, which more accurately predict the weather forecast, give this information for people and for the economy of the country as a whole.