Suma Chakrabarti: EBRD to invest in Belarus 200m euros

Suma Chakrabarti: EBRD to invest in Belarus 200m euros

Belarus aims to more actively cooperate with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. This was discussed on September 14 at the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with the head of this financial structure Suma Chakrabarti. The President noted that Belarus and the EBRD follow a common goal and are trying to find the most effective mechanism for using state property. But there are other points of contact too.

Our country is now actively developing medium and small businesses and hopes for the support of the bank in the implementation of such projects. The EBRD also invests in infrastructure development. One of the possible projects is the construction of a highway in the south of Belarus, which would become a full-fledged transport corridor for goods and cargo from Europe and Asia.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
One of the requests that I want to address to you, just one of the trends of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is to support small and medium-sized businesses. Having stability, security and manageability in the country, we would like to give initiative people, more freedom in self-realization, first of all in the production sphere and in services. We very much look forward to your support.

 мы будем вести речь об инвестициях банка в Беларусь до 200 млн евро

And a more global problem. The problem of investments in infrastructure, which serves not only Belarus, but Europe and Asia, the entire Eurasian continent. Of course, despite the fact that we have a good infrastructure and it is still coping with these flows, we need to think about making it at the highest European level. We are grateful to you that you are investing in the development of the road network and so on, but this is not enough. An example of this is our negotiations on building a wider highway in the south of Belarus. This is in order to intercept the southern streams of China, Central Asia, and Russia and send them through the south, through Gomel to Brest to Europe in two directions. By providing us with some support, of course, you do good for us, but this is a two-way process, this is useful for Europe as well.

Of course, the focus is also on the banking sector. The sides are actively negotiating on this matter too. The head of the bank highly appreciated the efforts of Belarus in the development of green energy. In general, he called the cooperation of Belarus and the EBRD strategic. Following the negotiations, the parties agreed to draw up a road map, where specific projects with deadlines will be prescribed.

Suma Chakrabarti, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development:
As cooperation between Belarus and the Bank is currently expanding, we will talk about the Bank's investments in Belarus of up to 200 million euros. We actively participate in various spheres, in particular, in transport. Today, the modernization of the M10 highway was discussed, but we will also talk about other transport issues.

Belarus and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development have been cooperating for 25 years. In 2017 alone, the bank allocated 85 million euros to Belarus. The total amount of investments was about 2 billion euros. Many projects are already being implemented for this money, including in the water supply sector. Treatment facilities are being renovated in Lida, Polotsk, Orsha and Vitebsk, while the construction of biogas complexes has begun in Baranovichi and Slonim.