Alexander Lukashenko: No grounds for price growth in Belarus

Alexander Lukashenko: No grounds for price growth in Belarus

There are no grounds for price growth in Belarus, said President Alexander Lukashenko on September 14, agreeing on the appointment of new leaders of local authorities. The Belarus President stressed that the heads of district executive committees will now have more powers, for example, during the harvesting campaign, but their responsibility also increases.

Alexander Lukashenko once again outlined for the new leaders the range of social issues that are to be decided on the ground. This is monitoring the situation in pricing and job creation. Particular attention must be paid to increasing the average salary to BYN1,000.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The main task for us today is social - the employment of the population (combating unemployment), even if it is scanty, but everyone should have the opportunity to work and earn. Employment is a very important issue. People need to be offered jobs, we need to create jobs. This determines salaries. The third direction is pricing. Monitor, without fear of anyone. You must control it and see. Let people inform you, your supervisors. Tell trade unions to help you. They do it very effectively. They will tell you.

Notify everyone who is engaged in sales and in case someone overprices hold them accountable. Approach this question neatly. Take care of the fact that enterprises don't close. You know how it is possible to work with prices, so that tomorrow everyone stops working or part of them.

At the same time, you must see that today we do not have any grounds for price increases. On the contrary, inflation in Belarus is declining. At least we need to cling to the level that we have.