New charging stations for electric cars appearing in Belarus

New charging stations for electric cars appearing in Belarus

Development prototypes of electric charging stations were created in Mogilev.

Two models are already working in a test mode but they will be soon installed in the city. Today the world trend of electric cars is still an innovation for our country. There are about 200 electric vehicles in Belarus. The number of charging stations for them is even fewer. But enthusiasts are sure that this is only the beginning.

Ilya Malyuk, an owner of an electric vehicle, lets an extension pole down from the fifth floor every day after his work. There’s no other way for him to charge his car. His neighbors have already gotten used to this unusual situation.

The filling takes nearly 4-5 hours. It’s better to control the process during this time. Then you can go about 100 km and need to fill the car again. Ilya ordered this electric vehicle from the USA. The car wasn’t cheap – it costed $15,000. Ilya was sure that it was worth it. There is no need in petrol and oil, just fill the car the way you do it with your mobile phone and go enjoy driving. Ilya wanted to install a receptacle near the parking but it was forbidden by Electric Inspection Service.

This station is currently working in a test mode. The specialists of a Mogilev company developed two models that are fully compliant with international standards. They will be installed near shopping malls in the nearest future.

Yuri Prokopenko, CTV:

The period of the complete charging of the car is about four hours. It’s convenient to install it near building estates next to enterprises and organizations. By the end of the year it’s planned to finish the development of another model of express charging stations specifically for highways. It will give you an opportunity to charge your electric vehicle just in 15-20 minutes.

Now the question of transport electrification is treated at the domestic level. Electric vehicles are low-pollution cars and economically advantageous. Belarus is only at the start of electric propulsion.

Dmitry Plekhanov, vice-principal of the development company of electric filling stations:
There is no problem with it in Europe. For example, there are about 6,000 charging stations in Paris. As soon as the market development and stimulation programme that abolishes entrance and customs duties for entering electric vehicles is adopted, it will give a rise to development of the market of electric vehicles.

Now there are only about 200 electric vehicles and 27 charging stations in Belarus. But this amount is going to increase. The will be at least 500 stations by 2020. Given the fact that Belarus started producing native electric vehicles, there will be demand for these cars. And now we already have a supply.

Aleksey Efremov, design manager of a development company of electric charging stations:
The capacity of our enterprise allows us to release about 100 stations per month. It’s enough to cater for the needs of our republic.

In spite of everything, Ilya Malyuk doesn’t regret that he preferred his electrical vehicle to a conventional car. It takes much more money to spend on petrol or diesel motor than on electricity. Of course, now it’s still a car to use it in cities because you won’t get far without filling. But the key word is still.