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Quality of higher education in Belarus falling, Igor Marzalyuk says

The talk show "What's Going On?" on RTR-Belarus TV Channel touched on the higher education in Belarus.

Egor Khurstalev, host:
How fair are reproaches that we have a large number of 'inflated' faculties, exaggerated specialties on which few people want to receive education?

Igor Marzaliuk, deputy of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly:
In terms of the level of affordability of higher education, Belarus has already surpassed the whole of Europe and the entire planet. It is absolutely bad. Because the most important thing is not quantity but quality. In the UK 33% of students are university students, in Sweden 15%, 50% in the Federal Republic of Germany. They complete specialized secondary education and feel fine.

The most important is the quality of education.

Not quantity, but quality. After university, we in Belarus get the person with a diploma, the generalist with narrow specialized knowledge - and that is a tragedy. As a high school teacher and a science teacher I know that the quality is , unfortunately falling.

Igor Marzalyuk, MP of the Belarusian parliament