Military strategic drills West-2017 begin in Belarus


Military strategic drills West-2017 begin in Belarus

Within a few hours, the first tactical exercises at the training ground near Borisov will start as part of the large-scale military training. Servicemen of Belarus and Russia take part in the maneuvers - more than 10,000 people in total.

The main goal of the exercise of the Belarus-Russia Union State is to work out joint defensive actions, as well as fight against terrorism. Aviation, equipment and personnel have been recently preparing for clashes with the simulated enemy at various training grounds.

Oleg Voinov, Head of the Department of International Military Cooperation - Assistant to the Minister of Defense for International Military Cooperation:
Modern approaches to the use of troops and forces based on the experience of modern armed conflicts were taken into account in determining the scenario of the drills. The exercise is based on the emergence of a crisis situation and the escalation of the conflict associated with the growing activity of illegal armed groups.

Recall that the Union State's "West-2017" exercise will be held at six firing ranges of Belarus until September 20. The military training operation is extremely transparent. International experts from the United Nations, CSTO, OSCE and NATO will monitor the event. About 300 journalists from all over the world are accredited.

Earlier the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg dispelled all the speculation on the subject of these exercises admitting that the maneuvers do not threaten the participants of the North Atlantic Alliance. On September 30 all the personnel of the Belarusian and Russian troops will return to the places of permanent deployment.