Education Ministry about university optimization

Education Ministry about university optimization

The results of the Republican Pedagogical Council were discussed at the TV program "What's going on?" on RTR-Belarus.

During the Republican Pedagogical Council Igor Karpenko said some words which put many people on the alert. Literally: “It is necessary to optimize universities, considering the profile of the human resources and the base”. Of course, it all was discussed on the Internet, people began discussing and feeling worried. What will be cut down on? The number of places in universities, the number of faculties, may be some universities will shut down, will it consider state or private universities?

Lyudmila Vysotskaya, press secretary of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
I think that the elimination of duplicate specialties was meant/ Many universities today duplicate specialties, as solicitors and economists. Therefore this was discussed. The Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection will be coordinating the professions in demand.

Whom will it concern in the first place? Who should be frightened? Universities or students?

Lyudmila Vysotskaya:
I think that nobody should be frightened.