West-2017 military exercises move into active phase


West-2017 military exercises move into active phase

The strategic military exercises are moving into an active phase. On September 13, 2017 Brest paratroopers took their positions.

The independent battalion and the leaders of the 38th air assault brigade are mastering the Vitebsk range for the first time.

The kitchen is working and a mobile information center has been set up. It has interactive television and a mini cinema- the soldiers are given free time even during the military drills. However, there is no time to rest: a field camp has been set up; training and shooting exercises have begun.

Dmitry Sobol, commander of the 38th independent air assault brigade:
The brigade is at this range for the first time. It goes without saying that it is more interesting for the soldiers because the place is unknown. The reconnaissance scouts are considering the tactical approaches, of course, they know the approximate location.

Therefore we will stand against the issue, the security and defense systems have already been organized.

The air assault brigade is getting ready for the active phase. The main task is to not allow the raid of the outlined enemy.