The only black panther in Belarus lives in Grodno Zoo


The only black panther in Belarus lives in Grodno Zoo

The big cat has already got used to Grodno's life, eats with appetite and got along with the neighboring predators. However, he still hides from visitors.

To catch an animal in an external enclosure is a great success.

When the CTV crew approached him, the panther posed for the camera and even meowed. The amazing cat came from Nizhny Novgorod for exchange and it took him long to adapt. Dark color in these animals is a rarity. In the zoo, the graceful animal was given the name of Mr. Black.

Vitaly Gumennyi, deputy director of the Grodno zoo:
This is an American cat. One of the most such fierce, successful and ruthless predators of America. This is the cat that never jokes with food. And in principle, other predators like leopard or tiger don't attack if they are not hungry, the jaguar almost never goes away, he is always ready to attack.


The panther's birthday almost coincided with the anniversary of the Grodno Zoo, which will turn 90 on September 17.

By the way, on that day the zoo will announce the winner of a contest for the best name for a bison who was born in Grodno on Independence Day.