How will Belarus surprise the world with European Games 2019?


How will Belarus surprise the world with European Games 2019?

A fern, a symbol of happiness, will become the logo of the European Games in Belarus. In June 2019, athletes from all over Europe will gather in Minsk to make their dream come true. The opening and closing ceremonies are still a secret for everyone. This is the main intrigue of the event. It is only known that the shows will take place at Dinamo stadium, which is going to be totally renovated for the Games. And there are still so many other things to be done… Anyway, the summer of 2019 promises to be really hot.

The right to hold the second European Games in the history is a great honor for Belarus.

In June 2019, twelve sites will become arenas for sports fights between 4,000 athletes.

The main goal of the Belarusian Government now is to finish the preparations on time. Grass on the fields is not the biggest challenge at all. Seven sports grounds are to be renovated and one new is to be built. Dinamo Stadium is the most complex object. It has been renovated since 2012. 

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus:
Don’t even try to ask me about postponement. Everything, as it was decided, must be done on time.

During the week, the Belarus President paid a lot of attention not only to the preparations for the Euro Games, but also to the state of the Belarusian sport in general.

Alexander Shamko, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
The Belarusian athletes have all chances to win medals. We are expecting a lot especially from those teams for which the European Games will be a qualifying round, a platform for the Olympic Games 2020. There will be totally 11 kinds of sports.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Your reports sound really great. Everyone understands everything, everyone is working hard and everyone has a desire to win. But all I need is the result. I don’t want to know how much worried you are. So start working.

The athletes are less nervous when they are ready for the competition.

About 18,000 tourists visited the first European Games in Baku. In Minsk, the number of foreign visitors can be greater. It is necessary to calculate the amount of transport needed for athletes and spectators. BelGee, MAZ and Neman transport companies are going to provide their services. After the competition, the vehicles will be given to the city.

Evgeny Gorin, CTV:
11 fan zones will be organized for the guests of the European Games. The central one will be right at the Palace of Sports Palace. As well as during the World Hockey Championship, here the guests will enjoy Belarusian cuisine and buy national souvenirs. Exciting music and entertainment programs are guaranteed.

One international operator is likely going to be responsible for delivering food for athletes. The Government hasn’t yet made the final decision. In fact, it will be necessary to feed at least 3,000 athletes at once. The prices will be fixed in all the hotels of Minsk.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The main thing is to be hospitable.

I want people to make themselves at home in Belarus and to come back with good memories. Therefore, we must take everything under control, especially prices.

There is no much time for preparations, while the demands of the President are very serious and clear. Nevertheless, one thing is obvious. The event is going to be of top level.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The European Games can be a good trigger for Belarus on the way to highest level of life and development. Everything should be done for people.

There is no place for pomposity; we just need beauty. So, do it just as we’ve decided, both inexpensive and sincere.

The European Games is a new type of international contests. They were created so that athletes and fans all over the world don’t have to wait four years between the Olympic Games. The event is extremely popular, so it not only amazing for sports fans, but also profitable for the country that holds the contest. The European Games 2019 is a brilliant chance for Belarus to earn image and priceless experience for the sportsmen.