Customs procedure simplifications in EEU discussed in Brest

Customs procedure simplifications in EEU discussed in Brest

The new Code is new business opportunities. In Brest officials discussed the customs mechanisms that will work in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) countries from the beginning of 2018. The Belarusian side also contributed to the new customs legislation.

The capacity of the Kazlovičy point is 2,000 thousand trucks per day. Every day thousands of tons of cargo pass here. Previously, the registration process for each truck was accompanied by a stack of documents, long wait times and sometimes a delay in deliveries. Thanks to the automatic release of goods, the time of registration, the number of papers, and wait times have decreased. According to the Belarusian initiative, such a system will work throughout the entire EEU.

Dmitry Kovalyonok, Deputy Head of the Customs Control Department of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Those companies that have not violated customs laws will enjoy a simplified system. Up to 13 simplifications. It is difficult to calculate economically, but experts say that by different estimates, operating costs may be reduced by 2-3 times.

Today, in just five minutes, three-fourths of Belarusian export is processed. Automation is, perhaps, the main message of the new customs code of the EEU, which will come into force from the beginning of 2018. Under its provisions, a number of other customs formalities will be simplified, including the deadline for payment of duties. In short, three key indicators will be reduced: time, money and documents. Businesses will only benefit from it.

Igor Dydyk, head of the fish processing department:
Once the products are produced, they are immediately loaded into the vehicle. Then customs clearance. The vehicle's road is six days long so every few hours are very important to us.

More than 1,000 questions and suggestions were received from entrepreneurs and organizations.

Yuri Senko, Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Almost everything today is reflected in the changes that will enter into the decrees of the head of state and government regulations. Therefore, we are doing very painstaking work together with the business in order to find those simplifications that will make it easier to work on the territory of Belarus and the whole EEU.