Belarusian artillery completes preparation for West-2017 drills


Belarusian artillery completes preparation for West-2017 drills

Belarusian artillery is completing preparations for the West-2017 training. Today three brigades practiced combat missions at the site of deployment. At the Osipovichi training ground, the military set a real camp with kitchen, bathrooms and fire positions. It is noteworthy that reserve soldiers participated in the training along with the officers and soldiers of the regular service.

The fighters of reactive brigade No336 have just had lunch. Their menu today included pea soup, rice and tea with white bread.

 белорусская артиллерия завершает подготовку к учению «Запад-2017»

Alexei Leshkevich, commander of the economic platoon of the 336th reactive artillery brigade:
In the field, we cooked food for the brigade personnel - about 176 people. Three meals a day, the ration is very rich, it allows you to fulfill all combat tasks in terms of calories.

This is the Osipovichi district. This is the place for the deployment of soldiers and officers. The time of its deployment is 24 hours. The task of this particular point is to provide the rear. According to the legend of the drills, the location is sheltered from the enemy: machinery is disguised and roadblocks are located on the roads.

Dmitry Boyarovich, CTV:
But this is the location of the personnel of the artillery brigade. This is the tent, in fact, a mini barracks, these are bunk beds and lighting.

Machinery for the drills is being prepared for the "West-2017" training. At the Osipovichi training ground, machinery of three brigades are working out combat tasks. This is the self-propelled vehicle Hyacinth. It can hit the target at a distance of 33 kilometers in 35 seconds.

Alexander Lyapich, a serviceman of the 51st Artillery Brigade:
It took about a month to prepare the equipment for the upcoming events. New servicemen are coming, we teach them, they perfectly perceive the material, they know all the algorithms of action, because every six months we go to the test site with this battery.

There are connections between the firing positions. The military do not disclose all the details, but they convince the enemy will not have a chance to find out where fire is coming from in combat conditions.

Alexander Tishkevich, commander of the 336th reactive artillery brigade:
The brigade is absolutely ready to conduct the exercises, the teams are prepared, and are ready to carry out the combat mission with high quality.

Igor Kovalenko, First Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate for Combat Training of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus:
We see only a positive influence of this exercise. It mobilizes the forces and military personnel. If you show the result in the course of the exercise, you get satisfaction not only as a specialist in the military field, but also understand your importance in terms of the defense capability of our state, and you show it to your relatives and friends, whom you are supposed to protect.

The exercise West-2017 in Belarus will be held at several firing ranges.