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Belarus President in India: It's time for concrete projects

The solemn ceremony of the meeting of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko took place in the presidential palace in New Delhi.

The head of state was welcomed on all the canons of the protocol ceremonial. A solemn fireworks was given in honor of the President of Belarus. September 12 is the main day of the official visit of Alexander Lukashenko to India. The Belarusian leader has already held talks with the Vice President and Minister for Foreign Affairs of India.

 Я очень рад уже в третий раз побывать на этой древней священной земле

 Я очень рад уже в третий раз побывать на этой древней священной земле

 Я очень рад уже в третий раз побывать на этой древней священной земле

The greeting ceremony was impressive. The newly elected President of India Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi (in office since 2014) met the Belarusian leader.

 Я очень рад уже в третий раз побывать на этой древней священной земле

 Я очень рад уже в третий раз побывать на этой древней священной земле

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am very glad to visit this ancient sacred land for the third time. We have a very long, friendly relationship, and they go back to the time of our best relations - during the time of the Soviet Union.

Today, the foundation of our relations is that we have hundreds of Indian young people receiving a wonderful European education and returning to their homeland in order to raise it, strengthen it, make it independent and sovereign.

We have something to offer the leadership of India, with whom we have developed (especially with the Prime Minister) a very warm and friendly relationship. I am confident that we will find our place in this huge, prosperous and promising country.

Belarus intends to contribute to the development of India. At the meeting with the Indian Vice-President Alexander Lukashenko expressed the desire to switch to specific economic contracts in the Belarusian-Indian relations.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Despite the fact that we are not such a huge country as India we will be able to make our worthy contribution to the development of those programs that you are scheduled to implement today. And indeed, time has come when we should already speak the language of specific contracts, not just about the directions of economic development.

India is a very promising country, which, according to Alexander Lukashenko, will soon be determining the future of the planet. The Indian and Belarusian foreign ministries should become the driving force of economic relations. This point of view was voiced at a meeting with Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I sincerely believe that India is a very promising country, which already in the near future, in our time, will determine the future of the planet. As for our relations, I would like the Foreign Ministries of India and Belarus to become the true driving force of the development of our relations. If the two ministers assume this function, if they play their role in strengthening the relations between Belarus and India, believe me: we will reach a very high level of our relations literally in the coming years. Note that we do have something to offer each other.

If we look into the past (even the recent past, the development of sovereign Belarus), we never had any problems in relations with India. And there will be no problems in the future. But to make the building of our friendship strong, it is necessary to provide a strong foundation, that is, to strengthen the foundation of our relations. We know that this foundation is trade and economic relations.

The President visited the site of cremation of Mahatma Gandhi, revered by all the people of India - the Raj Ghat memorial. Here, on the marble slab, the last words of the Father of the nation are carved, who said after the wound: "Hey Ram!" ("Oh my God!"). Near the monument is an eternal flame. Alexander Lukashenko laid a wreath there.

The Belarusian President is currently negotiating with the Prime Minister of India. Meanwhile, Belarusian and Indian companies continue to negotiate and calculate profits from the contracts signed on September 11. 150 businessmen took part in the joint business forum in New Delhi yesterday.

Belarus President in India: It's time for specific contracts