Belarus President arrives in India for talks September 11


Belarus President arrives in India for talks September 11

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko will hold talks and a series of official meetings with the leadership of India in New Delhi on September 12. It is planned that almost all areas that are of mutual interest for Belarus and India will be considered.

New Delhi has already hosted the Belarusian-Indian business forum, where the first working day ended with the signing of a dozen contracts. This economic background, of course, should serve as a good basis for today's negotiations.

Olga Yurut, Stolichnoe Televidenie reporter:
Today the main negotiating day will be held in New Delhi. Talks at the highest level are expected to boost cooperation between Belarus and India. The official visit of Alexander Lukashenko continues.

Late in the evening of September 11, flight number one landed at the Air Force Base of India (this is where high guests from foreign countries are usually met). The Belarusian head of state visited India twice before - in September 1997 and April 2007.

The joint business forum in New Delhi involved about 150 businessmen, who signed 10 agreements and memorandums.

Vladimir Semashko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
Such forums are useful when you meet with specific people interested in a particular product. Cooperation in pharmaceuticals is very important for us, as well as in the light industry.

I sometimes wonder: why do we not produce denim fabrics in Belarus? We in Belarus do not produce jeans clothes, trousers, jackets, shirts and everything else made from denim? India has advanced light industry, because it has own raw material base, its own cotton. We can and should discuss this too.

Now it's fashionable to talk about nano-, biotechnology and so on. We do have everything for such collaboration too.

On September 12, the Belarus head of state will hold talks and a series of official meetings with the leadership of India: the president and prime minister. The agenda includes the development of Belarusian-Indian cooperation in trade, economic, political, scientific, technical and humanitarian areas. Tourism is also expected to be discussed. The sides are also ready to discuss the interaction of Belarus and India in the format of Eurasian integration as well as new opportunities for investment cooperation.

Olga Yurut:
Agreements, treaties, memoranda... The talks in New Delhi are expected to bring more than a dozen documents.

They concern all the most profitable sectors of the economy.