30,000 partake in Minsk Half Marathon on City Day


30,000 partake in Minsk Half Marathon on City Day

On September 10, more than 30,000 fans of a healthy lifestyle took part in the largest race in the history of Belarus. According to the tradition, the marathon on the main streets of the capital started at the Palace of Sports. The main distance is 21 km and 100 meters. However, everyone could also choose 10 or 5.5-kilometre track according to their capabilities.

The majority of the participants are amateurs. The 2017 edition of the marathon is the third consecutive one.

Not only the representatives of the neighboring countries, but also distant New Zealand, Japan, Portugal, Morocco, Kenya and Ethiopia expressed their desire to run the distance.

The route went through the most beautiful places of the Belarusian capital. The runners had an opportunity to enjoy historical sights, an amazing panorama of the Trinity Suburb and the views of modern Minsk. The team of CTV Channel did not miss the chance to estimate the event themselves.

Natalia Mikhailik, a participant of Minsk Half Marathon, CTV presenter:
The mood is excellent and the weather is really good. I'm running 5.5 km. But if everything goes well, next year I will definitely take 10 km.

Yana Shipko, a participant of Minsk Half Marathon, CTV correspondent:
Last year I did a report about Minsk Half Marathon. A healthy example is contagious, so I decided to take part. I’m running the smallest distance. They say journalists make money with their feet. So, now we'll check how fast my feet are!

Alexander Shamko, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus:
In the current year, we mainly focused on the quality of the event. We made individual start for each group and many other changes so that our participants feel more comfortable, because the number of runners is growing. I suppose we will move forward in this direction, so that Minsk Half Marathon could be in line with those in London and Berlin.