Ahmed Al-Eissa: Saudi students may begin receiving education in Belarus

Ahmed Al-Eissa: Saudi students may begin receiving education in Belarus

Students from Saudi Arabia may start receiving education in Belarusian universities: representatives of the education ministries of the two countries are discussing this possibility on September 11.

The guests are interested in Belarus' experience in the training of engineering and medical specialties.

Particular attention is turned to IT technologies. In Minsk, the Saudi delegation will visit a number of major universities of the country, the Academy of Sciences and institutions of general secondary education.

Vadim Bogush, First Deputy Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus:
Based on the results of the visit of the delegation of Saudi Arabia we plan to prepare the signing of an appropriate program of interaction, which will include several important areas. Starting from academic interaction and interaction in the field of training of qualified specialists in the system of higher education

to joint research and participation in joint international projects.

Ahmed Al-Eissa, Minister of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Students from our country study at many universities around the world. We believe that Belarus can become one of the countries in which they can receive education. We also plan to provide several scholarships to students from Belarus for training in Saudi Arabia.

In particular, those who study the Arabic language, future engineers and representatives of technical professions.

By the way, several educational projects between our countries are already being implemented. Among them is the exchange of teachers and research personnel.