Nottingham mayor takes part in Minsk City Day celebrations


Nottingham mayor takes part in Minsk City Day celebrations

Thousands of families and guests of Minsk enjoyed the cool day! Official celebrations started on the morning of September 9 at the stela "Minsk - Hero City".

Flowers and wreaths to the obelisk came from Minsk city administration and public organizations. Many words of gratitude sounded in remembrance of those who made our life peaceful, and thanks to whom the Belarusian capital became a truly beloved by millions. Representatives of twin towns and partner cities from 12 countries came to Minsk to participate in festive events.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
Yesterday everyone liked the new laser and water show, it was such a highlight. I think that we will develop this format in Victory Park. Today we have opened a festival of hot air balloons. This is a wonderful event; I myself had the pleasure and the honor to fly in one of the balloons. Now we see the festival of historical re-enactment, and, of course, the biggest cake that every Minsk citizen can taste for free. I wish everyone peace, goodness, prosperity and comfortable life!

Michael Edwards, Lord Mayor of Nottingham:
Twin-city relations between Minsk and Nottingham were concluded in 1966. And the real reason why I came here is to once again say: "Let's be friends, let's cooperate."

Anatoly Lokot, Novosibirsk Mayor:
From the very beginning of our relationship, we set the task to invigorate economic cooperation. We started this year to replace our streetcar park with the technologies that are from here, from a Minsk enterprise.

The culmination of the day was the evening fireworks display. The festivities continued on September 10 with the half-marathon and Tankmen Day.