Ambassador on Belarus-India economic cooperation

Ambassador on Belarus-India economic cooperation

Heart-touching melodramas, fragrant tea with an image of the elephant and medicines of the highest quality. These are the first things that come to mind when talking about India. Today, this is a huge and growing economy.

The Belarusian-Indian relations will top news headlines these days as the Belarus President is visiting India on September 11-12.

In New Delhi, the President of Belarus will have an extensive negotiating program and meetings, including at the highest level.

The Indian-Belarusian business forum will be held in parallel with the political meetings.

Vitaly Prima, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Republic of India:
We must understand that the Indian market is huge, with great potential. It is a market that grows every year and which is the place of fight of world corporations. India is a country that consists of a huge number of states. Each state has its own language, culture and traditions. And the methods of doing business in each state are also different. The decision is carefully weighed by Indian partners, they carefully study alternative partners. Given these facts, we must prove to our Indian partners that we are worth cooperating with, that our products are competitive (and this is true) and that we are worthy partners to work in the Indian market.

Three enterprises have been set up on the territory of Belarus, three investment projects involving pharmaceutical companies are being implemented, which will allow us to produce modern medicines for both the domestic market and supply the rest to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. This is not only the supply of finished medicines, it is not only the supply of substances, but also the transfer of technology, the investment of Indian companies in Belarusian production facilities. As for joint ventures in India, a joint venture was set up to service Belarusian quarry equipment. A few months ago, the first joint enterprise was registered between Gomselmash and an Indian company which promotes and produces grain and forage harvesting equipment. In addition, I hope, documents on the creation of new joint productions will be signed within the framework of the business forum.

India is a country with an old cuisine, there are certain traditions and food culture. Of course, there is a certain potential. We see that solid cheeses begin to enjoy popularity. Belarus' baby food is known in the region, so it should also find its place in the market. And, of course, our confectionery, primarily sweets. There were already test deliveries. These products can also find their place in this market.

Indians like to travel by family, visit 2 to 5 countries, go for two or three weeks. In each country they spend a few days to get acquainted with the culture, to get to know local cuisine (although they prefer having their own). Today, the five-day visa-free regime gives them the opportunity to include Belarus in their route. And we need to develop appropriate packages for Indian travelers.