Belarusian-Indian business forum to kick off in New Delhi

Belarusian-Indian business forum to kick off in New Delhi

Belarus and India are striving for a $1 billion trade turnover. The results of trade have not yet reached this bar - it is likely that the visit of the Belarusian head of state on September 11-12 will become an impetus.

Olga Yurut, Stolichnoe Televidenie reporter:
By the evening of September 11, New Delhi is expecting board number one from Minsk. Alexander Lukashenko will have a busy schedule, but the business forum is already setting the economic tone to the political dialogue. It has already begun.

Leading Indian companies announced their participation. Representatives of various governmental and non-governmental organizations of India have already arrived at the forum. On the sidelines, there is a noticeable interest in establishing and expanding trade and economic cooperation with Belarusian businesses. Each of the participants of the meeting (and there are already 150 of them) will be able to present their enterprise and announce the company's opportunities. Later the Belarusian side will discuss in more detail with Indian partners the meaning and benefits of further cooperation.

Organizers are already voicing possible deals in the field of machine building and other industrial production fields.

Belarus' agricultural machinery is of particular interest. There is something to offer in petrochemistry, power engineering and electrical engineering. Infrastructure projects in construction are possible. Light industry, wood processing, information technology, as well as the financial sector. And of course, how to do without pharmaceutics, in which India is among the world's leaders? In a word, there is enough common ground for business.

Olga Yurut:
Businessmen are pragmatic people and they will surely want to monetize the political background of relations between Minsk and New Delhi.