Belarus Prime Minister visits BelAZ plant September 8

Belarus Prime Minister visits BelAZ plant September 8

According to the results of 2017, BelAZ intends to double its export. Only in the last eight months the plant produced tice more of dumping trucks if to compare with the previous year.

What is more, the plant has won one third of the world market. This was told to the Prime Minister on September 8, 2017. BelAZ can also increase the export on the geographical map. The tricks are used in open cast mines of Europe- in Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, negotiations are conducted with Montenegro. As for Asia the countries are Indonesia and Mongolia. Africa is also interested in Belarusian machinery. Another lot is planned to e exported to Morocco in October.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
The plant is at a high level, they went through the slump in machinery demand very confidently. They took the situation seriously. Modernized the technological processes, developed new popular constructions, and expanded the deficient production line.

Piotr Parkhomchik, director general of BelAZ Holding Company:
We have plants out of Zhodino, We have finished building a plant in Stariye Dorogi. It is already producing brake pads for the BelAZ company. A very serious program on handling transport equipment has begun in Slutsk. A completely new plant is being built with production organization, beginning from light duty cranes (5 tons) and ending with 240 tons. Today we have another good unit we produce, which will allow diversifying the business of BelAZ.

The Premier personally tested the biggest dumping truck in the world; he drove through the range in the cabin of the autogiant. Before doing that he completed training on dynamic simulator.

Today BelAZ is actively working on a new model of dumping trucks- it will be completely robotized. Without a driver, basically. It will be a joint project with Russian colleagues.

Alexander Yegorov, general designer of BelAZ Holding Company:
Today we have a laboratory sample; we carry out certain experiments on it. The first sample is planned to be constructed by the end of the current year. The Siberian Coal Energy company is eager to try out the first samples of such dumping trucks.

What is more, the plant is ready to produce a 650ton dumping truck. However, the production of necessary tires is slowing the process down.