Minsk Citizen of the Year awards ceremony held in Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater

Minsk Citizen of the Year awards ceremony held in Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater

The best professionals of Minsk have been awarded in the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater. As many as 13 people have been awarded the honorary prize of “Minsk Citizen of the Year”.

Among them are teachers, doctors, scientists, businessmen- all the people, who contribute to the development of Minsk.

Vadim Litvinov has been working as a fireman for nearly 20 years now. In 2016 he participated in more than 100 fire-fighting operations, he saved 9 lives. However, the modern Superman doesn’t like telling about his deeds. Because he quite often spends celebrations and weekends at work, where he found out that he won the Minsk Citizen of the Year award.

Vadim Litvinov, commander of the fire rescue department No. 2 of Minsk’s Frunzensky district:
My work has been appreciated, primarily because I a beneficial for the society. You leave home at 8am for 24 hours; you can even stay at work later. You can also be called out for work at the weekends.

Victor Babarikin is at the Bolshoi Theatre as well. The award “Minsk Citizen of the Year” is special to him. He was born and grew up in Minsk, and found his vocation here. His native city is still a source of inspiration for him.

Viktor Babarikin, chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus:
It is great honor and surprise for me. I wasn’t expecting it but it is a pleasent feeling.

There are 13 winners of the “Minsk Citizen of the Year” award in 2017.

All of them are true professionals, and their merits plot a development vector for Minsk.

Anastasia Yatkova, hairdresser-stylist:
It is responsibility. However, if you love your profession, then you, of course, continue working and perfecting yourself, climbing up the career ladder.

Natalia Myslivets, teacher of the Russian language and literature at Minsk’s gymnasium No. 13:
Being honest, it is great happiness and pride. Not only mine, but of my family, my students, my parents and my colleagues.

In one word Minsk has people to be proud of. As the history of the city shows, the number of such people is less and less with every year.