Belarus celebrates Minsk City Day

Belarus celebrates Minsk City Day

The colors of the celebration are diverse: about 40 platforms work in Minsk on 9 September.

The main events are traditionally held near the Sports Palace.

Olga Osadchaya, CTV:
Many guests came to congratulate Minsk on its anniversary.

The city is ready to make everyone feel happy, to surprise and feed, what is very important at a real birthday.

A large food court has been set up near the Sports Palace, the size of which equals to wo hypermarkets.

As many as 2,500 seats have been provided by the organizers of the event. The weather, in its turn, contributes to the feats in the fresh air.

Minsk residents:
I ate a hot dog here, it was very tasty.

It would be good to have more events as this one. Happy Birthday, Minsk!

We arrived in Minsk early in the morning and decided to have breakfast. We bought some kebabs.

The celebration of bread is held near the Sports Palace as well. There people will be able to try the bread products and find out the secrets of experienced bakers.

Men are able to see how real protectors behaved in the old day near the Obelisk to the Hero City of Minsk.

Minsk residents:
It is really cool-it sunny and beautiful. We went out with children to see the battles.

We are enjoying the celebration.

We came here with great pleasure to see the knight battles. Our child is enjoying it. There are many adults, many tourists as well.

Rescuers and firefighters from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Poland decided to hold competitions. Just imagine the rescuers have to get to the second floor, get a 19 kilogram sleeve up there, to move some73 kilogram beam, and then carry manikin of an adult person, and only then start extinguishing the fire.

Minsk residents:
I liked the fact that the firemen were rescuing people from the fire here.

It is quite interesting here.

A lot more is expected in Minsk today. Very soon the guests of the celebration will try the cake weighing more than 200 kilograms.