Alexander Lukashenko meets with Tabak Invest board chairman

Alexander Lukashenko meets with Tabak Invest board chairman

Business in villages can and must be developed. The realization of the project was discussed on September 8, 21017 in the Palace of Independence, where Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Tabak Invest Pavel Topuzidis.

The program is being realized for two years now, the search for inefficiently used building continues. Platforms in Novopolotsk have been involved already. It is planned that the town will become a logistic center for supplying the trade units of the entire district.

A whole complex should appear in Shklov by the summer of 2018: a supermarket of about 3,000 square meters.

Viktor Ignativich, builder:
Shklov needs such a center. All the town’s residents are interested in the fast building of the complex.

The building of the complex began in July, near the Ice Palace. There aren’t such large units in a town with a population of 16,000 people.

Anastasia Ivannikova, CTV:
The complex in Shklov will be a unique trading center: a supermarket, a cinema, food court…

It is planned that as many as 10,000 names of items will be presented there.

It will also be possible to order the goods online.

Mikhail Pavlovich, deputy chairman of Shklov District Executive Committee:
I suppose that the interest will be mutually beneficial. The trading center is being built on the bank of the Dnieper, in a wonderful place – it is healthy competition and advantage for the town’s residents.

Shklov residents:
This will be the first large shop in Shklov, we are very happy and waiting for the opening, we will be going there from time to time.

It won’t be necessary to go shopping to other towns.

The prospects of realizing such a project was discussed two years ago. As a result the search for inefficiently used buildings is being carried out. Novopolotsk already has a shop of its own, now it is Shklov’s turn. Alexander Lukashenko is sure that business can and must be developed in villages.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
An unfair thing turns out in the end. People in villages grow and cultivate goods, and it is more expensive for them to buy it village shops rather than in towns. It is unfair. I understand that it is to do with logistics and other things. Of course, there should be competition. Then I asked you to plan such a network of trading centers in one of the region in Belarus. And you said it with certainty that the prices there will be lower than the existing prices. It bribes me.

Of course, it is necessary for the population to be served well.

What is more, the system of living in villages and districts is organized in Belarus. There are agro towns, they are stable, and they are forever. I don’t think that someone will break the system It is clear that district centers must have a a decent trading center, which will be a distributing center in the entire district.

The shops in agricultural towns must be smaller, but they should be decent.

People should be able to buy everything they are interested in. The goods available in Minsk must be available for village residents. Besides that we have agreed that the third level will be left. The district center, agricultural towns and the third level- big villages. There are shops there too. The must be brought to order. And another level, the third one-small villages. Some time ago they were considered as unpromising and so on. Today a agitate you, businessmen, to go to these villages and bring them back to life. While people live there, they, I suppose, must be served through mobile stalls.

Pavel Topuzidis, chairman of the Board of OOO “Tabak Invest:
You are absolutely right that social responsibility of business today is a lot more important than money. We must give villages what towns have.

Like nobody else Pavel Topuzidis knows what business responsibility is. He was born is a remote village in Georgia, Maybe that is why he has no doubts that villages need to be supported. To give the “second life” to villages (about 1,000 businessmen intend to revive their native places), to provide everything necessary for the village residents.

Pavel Topuzidis:
The aim of this pilot project, as the President has said, is to provide all the possibilities and quality of the services the towns have to villages. The task is to provide a new level of service, a wide assortment in shops and to change the approach to what should be in village shops, for instance, 300 names of items in shops. It is wrong.

Not only trade in villages was discussed at the meeting. One of the topical issues is the preparation of the package of documents on the liberalization of business and support of entrepreneurship. As for the project in Shklov, it will become a standard one and will help to create trading networks in other regions. It is also planned that trade will be organized on the basis of the existing shops.